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Othdabere Fresh Start Foundation Worldwide was founded in 2018 by Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse in order to provide and support the homeless people, less privileged in society, young mothers in need, orphans, widowers, deprived communities, families in need, other vulnerable children and people in Ghana, West Africa and many other places within the World. Othdabere Fresh Start Foundation Worldwide is a registered charity and a non-profit government organization (NGO) in Ghana with a branch in the United Kingdom.

OFSFW embraces all with a determined heart for a positive change in the right direction to provide daily basic needs and care for all people in need worldwide. Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse set up Othdabere Fresh Start Foundation because during her visit to Ghana, she volunteered with the social service department in Ghana and encountered the challenges faced by many people in need and saw the major issues with Children and families that couldn’t afford their basic daily necessity, hence she was motivated to make a difference in the lives of deprived individuals, families and within the impoverished communities.

 In Ghana, Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse visited hospitals where some of the pregnant women couldn’t afford to buy food, water, pay for their medications as prescribed by their doctors or couldn’t pay for the hospital charges or medical bills. She was surprised by this experiences and thought it was very disheartening to see pregnant women, when asked if they had eaten, it was brought to her attention that they didn’t eat because they had no money to purchase food or water to help with baby’s development in the womb and the wellbeing of pregnant women. She also learnt how some of the pregnant mothers to be, had to walk miles in their pregnancy to attend antenatal, yet they were without food or water. 

Also on the streets, some of the young teenagers under 16 confessed to her, how they had to sleep with a men to afford their daily meal. It was an excruciating moments for Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse to listen to some of these stories of this young pregnant teenagers. She also visited deprived communities such as market places, orphanages, prisons, streets, schools and churches where she observed the extreme needs of young girls out of school on the streets to raise money to continue with their education and some of them who were pregnant because their parents couldn’t take care of them or were orphans, hence lead them into prostitution to enable them get money to buy food or water. Due to the critical conditions and circumstances witnessed by Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse, Othdabere Fresh Start Foundation Worldwide was established to combat suffering, pain, poverty, and distress and to promote the well-being and welfare of those who are in need within deprived communities. The Goal of OFSFW is to empower individuals and families with resources, finance, business strategies, education, trainings and other ways to enable them to become independent individuals to support their lives and families to contribute to the community and society as a whole.

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Mrs Dorothy Osei-Kesse started this organisation because she realised there were a lot of people in the community who were not able to afford their three square meals as well as their children and also cannot afford to pay for   their hospital bills and medication.


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